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  • Specialiced in stainless steel also covered in plastic. 
  • Also galvanized wires. 
  • Stock dia. smaller than dan 1 mm up to 24 mm 
  • Fabrication according clients wish on short term 
  • Different kinds of terminals
  • On demand with necessary certificates 
  • Wire cutters
  • Renting wire swage to do the job yourself


  • All kinds, we advise 
  • Eye-splicing in house
  • On demand with necessary certificates
  • Stock frim dia. smaller than 1 mm up to 40 mm 
  • Fabrication according clients wishes on short term 
  • Nets, floating line, floats and blocks for the fishing industry. 

Galvanised and stainless steel chains

  • Ship's chain in stainless steel and galvanized iron
  • also blank, brass and plastic
  • Stock diamter 1.5mm to 20mm 
  • On demand with necessary certificates 
  • Hooks, shackles and connectors


  • Handpumps for oil, diesel ,water 
  • In 12 en 24 Volt 

Ultrasonic measurements

  • On ship hulls for Belgian Inspectorate
  • Delivery plan with results for owner and inspectorate
  • Measuremants on tubes and silo's, cavitation controll and electrolyses 

Maintenance products

  • Degreasers, teflon spray, soaps, stainless steel and brass cleaning products. 

Decoration, Flags, Chairs

  • Decoration key holders,  electric and oil lamps
  • Barometers, clocks, hygrometers, thermometers, euphorymeters. 
  • National flags and signal flags
  • Steering chairs, steering wheels

Flexible openinghours!

h 08.00
10.00- 12.00 12.30- 15.00 -> 17.00

Hours with a red border are not guaranteed, call 059/320057 for more information.


Discover the guarantee to reach the harbour in a safe way even when the electronics dont work, have Your compass adjusted with a certified compass-adjuster.