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Watertank cleaned - no contamination!!!

posted 24 Oct 2011, 01:41 by Henri Lambregt
Every low pressure fresh water system builds up dirt, algae and bacteria. It must therefore be cleaned and purified regularly so that drinking water is not contaminated when used in the system.  The tank, pipes, pump and connectors must be cleansed with a non-caustic, non-foaming material, without damaging the metals, plastic, and rubbers in the unit.
PURICLEAN is non-caustic and completely safe when used as instructed.  It is powerful and non-foaming, cleansing all parts as it circulates, killing all bacteria.  The product will eliminate bad smells and new systems should be deodorised with PURICLEAN before use.
Regular use of PURICLEAN will prevent the accumulation of bacteria breeding deposits and keep the system clean and safe from contamination.
Price 13,14 euro for 400g good for a 250 liter watertank