Difficult to find, easy to acces

posted 14 Aug 2017, 06:12 by Henri Lambregt   [ updated 14 Aug 2017, 06:13 ]

You can easily reach us BY CAR. Coming from Ostend DRIVE on the quay.

Don't look any futher ask your question

posted 3 Jan 2015, 00:48 by Henri Lambregt

You are visiting our site for rope, wire, chain, compasses. Stop looking ask your question on the contact page and you will have an answer within 24 hours.


posted 2 Jan 2014, 00:28 by Henri Lambregt

Happy new year to y'all. Compas will have more guaranteed opening hours. See right side for details ->

Gas detector

posted 11 Apr 2012, 22:13 by Henri Lambregt

Compas has available a gas detector that warns just like a canary in a coal mine!!!!

Mc Millan Reeds 2012 AVAILABLE!!!

posted 10 Nov 2011, 03:53 by Henri Lambregt

The nautical almanac 2012 is available in Ostend.

Watertank cleaned - no contamination!!!

posted 24 Oct 2011, 01:41 by Henri Lambregt

Every low pressure fresh water system builds up dirt, algae and bacteria. It must therefore be cleaned and purified regularly so that drinking water is not contaminated when used in the system.  The tank, pipes, pump and connectors must be cleansed with a non-caustic, non-foaming material, without damaging the metals, plastic, and rubbers in the unit.
PURICLEAN is non-caustic and completely safe when used as instructed.  It is powerful and non-foaming, cleansing all parts as it circulates, killing all bacteria.  The product will eliminate bad smells and new systems should be deodorised with PURICLEAN before use.
Regular use of PURICLEAN will prevent the accumulation of bacteria breeding deposits and keep the system clean and safe from contamination.
Price 13,14 euro for 400g good for a 250 liter watertank

New product

posted 5 Jul 2011, 01:08 by Henri Lambregt   [ updated 5 Jul 2011, 01:46 ]

Sticker with all navigational flags available.

Classic Races of the North Sea

posted 26 May 2011, 01:04 by Henri Lambregt   [ updated 26 May 2011, 01:14 ]

During the weekend of 4 and 5 juin the shop will not be accessable. You will find us closed during this weekend. Enjoy your day.


posted 19 May 2011, 05:46 by Henri Lambregt   [ updated 24 May 2011, 10:29 ]

will not easily loose track.

This Ostend based company is specialized in reparing and calibration of magnetic instruments. Repairing is done at site in Ostend. Calibration takes place at sea or in the ports Boulogne-sur-Mer, Calais, Dunkerque, Nieuwpoort, Oostende, Zeebrugge, Vlissingen, Terneuzen, Gent and Antwerpen. Compas also supplies a broad spectrum chandlery for both yachting and fishing vessels. Starting from anchor to sail needles, from ship's bells to port holes, Compas has all ships need.

The company also supplies rope ladders, assembles chains and wire rope. Compas started as a shipping-trade.

Skipper Henri Lambregt senior swaped in 1963 the sea for a land based activity. Today his son Henri Lambregt junior and daughter, in many aspects, run a unique company at the Hendrik Baelskaai in Ostend.

Henri Lambregt is choosing a new heading. The diminishing fishing sector is not longer the main activity. For this reason activities are focused on the industry.

Compas supplies the specialised ropework in series or on demand. Ropes and wire rope up to 20 mm diameter, chains for all kind of purposes. To extend her offer in wire rope , there was an investment in a new splicing machine. This new tool makes Compas the champion of wiresplicing in small diameters.

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